Sunday, June 14, 2009


I love, love, love, the summer!!!! I am finally walking on my foot again. :) I can't believe how long I was out of commission. It took me a while to not be in the habit of putting on that BOOT! ha ha We have been working so hard on our backyard. I have been raking and raking all the rocks out. Toby and I put in the sprinklers together. It is quite easy and kind of fun. We decided to hydro seed. It has been raining non stop for a while. So, we will see what happens back there.
Taya finished preschool and LOVED it so much. We did a joy school with 5 other kids this year for her. It was a lot of fun for her to go to different houses each week. It was also fun to teach all of them! Taya is learning so much and asks so many questions about EVERYTHING! She loves to play with her friends and ride her bike.
Trevor is my talker. He is so funny. He will repeat anything you ask him to say. He loves singing the Daddy's Homecoming song. He can talk 5 word sentences. (He is only 18 months!!) Crazy. My favorite thing to watch him do is count. He gets so focused and says 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, YEAH! SO, funny.
Toby is working, working, working. Busy season has not ended for him. He has put a softball team together for his work and gets to play once a week. Gives him a break from everything. I get to play every once in a while too!
Our next project is to knock out our half walls and put a banister in! I am so excited and can't wait to get going!

Fun Pictures!

Got seanon passes for Holgo Zoo. It has been a great get away when we are bored!

More Pictures

Taya has always LOVED her milk. She wakes up and it is the first thing we have to do! (MY FAULT completely!) Now, Trevor thinks he has to drink his milk like Taya. Going to the zoo again. This time with Aunt Brenda!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Where has the time gone? I realized I haven't posted anything for a month now! Well, the foot isn't getting better. Still hurts everyday. So, surgery is now my only option. YUCK! Hopefully it goes good and I will be able to jump afterwards! It isn't to big of a surgery, just no fun. I am so sick of the boot and not being able to play at all. I go to practice and just toss balls at my girls. I love to jump in and play with them every once in a while to get things movin' faster. I am just hoping that things go well enough for me to start playing by summer time!! The exciting thing is that I have talked Toby into getting a new outdoor net :) I will update later of how it goes.
Kids are doing GREAT! Growing up so fast and learning so much. Taya loves going to preschool and playing with her friends. Trevor is my talker. He repeats everything I say no matter how hard the word is. I love to make him laugh. He has one of those deep belly laughs. After laughing so hard when I tickle him, he says, "MORE??" So much fun!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Night

Toby and I went to the HOT WINTER NIGHTS at the E Center for v-day. It was a BLAST!!! It was a AVP 2 on 2 beach volleyball tournament for professional volleyball players. Jake Gibb was there. He played in the 2008 Olympics and took 5th also from Bountiful Utah!! Todd Rodgers was also there he took gold at the Olympics. It was so fun to see them play. There were a few other big names there also. I personally enjoyed the 6 PACKS!!! :)They were soooooo good and sooooo tall. Oh to be tall!!!! Toby and I had so much fun. We ran into some of our Logan v-ball buddies there too!! That sure made me miss the good old days and nights playing v-ball in Logan. It was the BEST v-day present EVER!
V-DAY MORNING-------- Toby had a b-ball game Sat. morning. When he got home he rang the door bell instead of coming in from the garage. He was holding flowers for me... OH, he is so cute... He also gave me a card. I read it and thought, "I have heard this before!!" So, I went to go get his out of my drawer that I got a month ago. YEP! We bought the SAME v-day card for each other.....HOW FUNNY is that! I guess we just know each other too well.... ha ha

Friday, January 23, 2009


Here it is! The dreaded boot that I have to wear. I am glad that it is winter and I am ALWAYS freezing or it would be way to hot to wear it. No more playing v-ball this winter :( I am just hoping that everything heals right so I can start back up in the summer.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009